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Waste & Garbage into ANIMAL FEED!


Biofeed: The organic waste and garbage conversion process that produces rich, safe, animal feed !

The Biofeed system converts municipal waste and garbage into safe, nutritious, and protein rich animal feed for pigs, fish, lobster, prawns, and poultry.

It solves waste disposal problems for Governments on a global scale, by turning domestic and commercial waste into a range of valuable, commercial animal feed stock.

The Biofeed system turns the organic portion of waste and garbage from a cost liability into a profit generating raw material.

Do you represent a Government body, or private organization with the responsibility of disposing of waste ?

Is the disposing of your waste resulting in:

Contamination of underground water and soils?

Odour and vermin infestation?

Use of valuable land for waste dumping sites?

Budget blowouts as a result of waste transportation costs?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, you must be thinking that this may be the right solution for your waste disposal problem.

Quality Rich Feed



BioCulture Plant


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