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  The Bio Culture Process
  The Bio Culture system is a careful blend of centuries of tried practices, which recognize the inherent value and recycling qualities of discarded domestic and commercial refuse, and tried and tested modern technology, which guarantees a safe, nutritious product, full of proteins and vitamins.

Unique Plant Design
The final plant design, specifications, and layout were prepared after years of research and development by one of Australia's foremost bulk handling engineering group with extensive experience in Australia and Asia, and the Organic waste processing Division of Murdoch University of Western Australia.

The final design is a modern unique plant that guarantees the production of a safe and nutritious food source at very low cost, modern odor and dust control mechanisms, waste water treatment plant that allows re use of all on site liquids, and fully contained separate stage structures to ensure that all processing is protected from the elements.


All waste accepted for processing is dumped at the plant into a series of concrete waste bunkers, where it is moved by a mechanical waste reclaimer onto a dewatering system. From there it proceeds through one of the most stringent separation processes of organic and non organic matter of any system in the world.

The system guarantees that every minute particle of metal, glass, plastic, etc, is removed from the waste mix. The system includes mechanical dewatering and sizing screens, metal magnets, manual separation a continuously raked conveyor system, metal detectors, as well as a team of quality controllers, as a final check.

Grinding and Blending
All waste processed by the Biofeed system undergoes the most stringent separation of any waste conversion system in the world, and is followed by cutting and grinding stages. The cut mixture is subjected to constant laboratory checks and monitoring throughout the processing stages.

The mixture proceeds through a pasteurizing tank stage, where the mix is heated to the required temperature levels, heating followed by the blending in of additives, including, vitamins, food colouring and flavouring, etc.
The blending of additives may vary between pasteurizing tank, as each tank may be producing a different type of feed, depending on product and marketing needs.
The additives will be selected to ensure strict adherence to the specifications of the required animal feed mix.

Pelletising and Granulating
The feed mix will be pelletized, or granulated, according to the desired product specification

Bagging will be according to volume and weight requirements, and unbagged bulk sales mechanical loading facilities are also available.

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